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Knowing One's Self Through Mindfulness Can Make A Positive Shift In The World

There is more to mindfulness than being present in the moment. There is an intentional willingness to explore and see with non-judgmental honesty what is present in the moment. Exploring our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors allow us to open our consciousness to our human nature. Seeing clearly, with an honest non-judgmental attitude, can free us from the tyranny of being stuck in the patterns of our lives on autopilot. Curious observation of the mind leads to clear seeing or insight. With insight, we see the patterns of our lives and we begin to see the choices before us. We can choose the well-worn path of suffering or the lesser-known path of freedom. Even when we have chosen the path of freedom, we may again find ourselves pulled down the old familiar path. We are human and when this will happens, as it will, meet it with self-compassion and love. Then begin again. Through practice, we begin to live mindfulness, not just practice. We step into the world clearly seeing the moment as it is for us and for others. This practice breaks down the barriers of duality created by seeing others as outside of our experience. When we are truly mindful, we know the relationship is the experience. If you have considered your practice to be selfish or self-indulgent, think about it again. How might your insightful awareness bring acceptance, compassion, and kindness into the world? In Love and Compassion, Ginny

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