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These days, I frequently need to remind myself to be in the present moment. It is easy to mindlessly rush into the future, creating stories, catastrophizing, over-planning and worrying. Yes, this pandemic is serious and each of us needs to take action to keep ourselves, and; those around us safe. However, we don’t need to let worry and fear dominate our thoughts and lives.

During the weeks ahead, I’ll be sharing, Mindful Minutes, MMs. MMs are simple mindfulness practices that cultivate awareness, lead to calmly being in the moment, and clearly seeing what is. Mindful Minute Practice The next time you hear or read news of the Corona Virus, (PABA) pause, acknowledge, breathe, and ask yourself what is need in this moment.

This sounds easy, doesn’t it? This is simple, but; it isn’t easy. The next email update or news broadcast is just moments away, so; try it and see for yourself. Steps

  1. Pause when you receive news of Corona.

  2. Acknowledge what is present in your mind and body.

  3. Breathe with awareness.

  4. Ask yourself, what do I need in this moment?


  • As you pause evoke compassion for yourself. Remember you are human and your reactions are often automatic and formed over years.

  • It may help to bring your hand over your heart and feel a sense of compassion.

  • Notice without criticizing yourself or judging others.

  • As you acknowledge what is present, ask yourself what is really needed in this moment.

  • Try not to force an answer and watch for habitual reactions.

Example Yesterday, I woke to the news that the State of California had “locked down” 40 million residents. My first reaction was, “OMG, does my family have what they will need if my state does the same thing?". My mind was racing: “Do we have enough?” That question is usually fear-based and triggered me to pause. I stood still, felt the ground under my feet and took a long slow breath. What did I need in that moment? I needed to feel connected and reassured. For me, that meant grounding my feet to the earth and feeling the air move in and out of my body. It calmed me down and my choice became clear. I did not need to react. A friend of mine had a saying; “when in danger when in doubt, run in circles scream and shout”. Try this Mindful Minute Practice, as a healthier alternative.

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