Mindful Lawn Care

If you're like me, lawn care is at the top of the to do list this time of year. I was tempted to grab a bag of heavily marketed lawn product, with the promise turning my spotty, grub infested, patch of crab grass into an emerald carpet. However, I paused and contemplated: how could I manage my lawn this year with a kinder, gentler impact on the earth? Here are a few tips that I dug up! Conserve water Many communities still have water bans in place from last year's draught. Water is increasingly becoming a precious resource in need of conservation. Try a drought resistant seed that requires less water for a new or replacement lawn. A rain gage lets you know how much water your lawn is gettin

NEWS - Ginny Wholley authorized to teach Mindful Based Stress Reduction, MBSR.

In April I became authorized, by the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness, to teach their Mindful Based Stress Reduction, MBSR program! MBSR, is recognized world-wide as the gold standard for medical mindfulness training. Mindfulness is being touted as the greatest health promoting lifestyle of our time, and; for good reason. There have been hundreds of evidence-based studies supporting its effectiveness in promoting health and a sense of well-being. The benefits include: easing depression and anxiety, managing weight, preventing hyper-tension and heart disease, living better with chronic pain, and so much more. Adopting mindfulness, like any other healthy lif

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