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Mindful Minutes Practice #2 Handwashing with Loving-Kindness

Washing your hands can open your heart!

Try this 20-second mindful handwashing practice to evoke a sense of love and kindness towards yourself and those around you.

When you wash your hands, pause and let go of the business of your mind. Fully bring your awareness to this moment. Feel the soap and water on your skin and all of the sensations that are present as you cleanse your hands. Breathe slowly repeating the mantra below.

Be present for 20 seconds, allowing the sentiment of your words to wash over you, as the water washes over your hands.

Mantra for Mindful Handwashing

May I be safe

May I be healthy

May I bring love into the world

May we be safe

May we be healthy

May we bring love into the world

Steps (*PABA)

  1. Pause to be present to the moment.

  2. Aware of the sensations in your hands.

  3. Breathe in love and release it back out.

  4. Ask by repeating the mantra above.

*PABA is the acronym for pause, awareness, breathe, and ask.

This Mindful Minutes Practice is dedicated to all the people who are serving others, health care workers, fire fighters, police, National Guard, essential service workers such as grocery store clerks, etc… Thank you; may you be safe, may you be healthy, you bring love into the world!

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