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Game Ready Yoga

Yoga can help you perform better and safer, no matter what sport or activity you choose.

You may have heard yoga is good for stretching; and stretching is good for keeping your muscles flexible and safe from injury. Well, there have been some studies that support that and others that don’t. However, stretching isn’t the only thing yoga does to help you perform well and stay off the injured list.

Yoga supports the whole body, eases the mind, and strengthens the spirit, allowing the connection between the body and mind to align in a more natural and authentic way.

A well-structured yoga class can help you:

Relax and lengthen your muscles

Do you know that muscles under stress or in a contracted state cannot lengthen? Yoga encourages a participant to come to the edge of a stretch and then use the breath to relax the muscle. In a relaxed state the muscle can lengthen, then the process is repeated. This allows you to improve your range of motion and regain flexibility.

Recover faster

Muscles need blood flow to recover, so; don’t just sit on the couch on your day off.

Prana is the Sanskrit word for life force and pranayama, an element of yoga, referrers to the movement of life force including breath, blood and qi or energy. Yoga postures integrate breath and body movements stimulating blood flow and muscle recovery.

Improve core stability

Yoga works all the muscle and is effective at reaching the smaller muscles that aide in overall stability. Stability is essential in athletic activities such as cycling and running, but; it also benefits every day actions such as climbing stairs and walking.


Whether you’re putting dinner on the table or running in the last mile, you'll benefit from the practice of yoga. Connecting the body and breath relaxes and calms the mind. This plays an important role in performing any task with mental clarity and focus.

Train hard, recover, and enjoy the game.

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