Mindful Minutes Practice #2 Handwashing with Loving-Kindness

Washing your hands can open your heart! Try this 20-second mindful handwashing practice to evoke a sense of love and kindness towards yourself and those around you. When you wash your hands, pause and let go of the business of your mind. Fully bring your awareness to this moment. Feel the soap and water on your skin and all of the sensations that are present as you cleanse your hands. Breathe slowly repeating the mantra below. Be present for 20 seconds, allowing the sentiment of your words to wash over you, as the water washes over your hands. Mantra for Mindful Handwashing May I be safe May I be healthy May I bring love into the world May we be safe May we be healthy May we bring love into


These days, I frequently need to remind myself to be in the present moment. It is easy to mindlessly rush into the future, creating stories, catastrophizing, over-planning and worrying. Yes, this pandemic is serious and each of us needs to take action to keep ourselves, and; those around us safe. However, we don’t need to let worry and fear dominate our thoughts and lives. During the weeks ahead, I’ll be sharing, Mindful Minutes, MMs. MMs are simple mindfulness practices that cultivate awareness, lead to calmly being in the moment, and clearly seeing what is. Mindful Minute Practice The next time you hear or read news of the Corona Virus, (PABA) pause, acknowledge, breathe, and ask yo

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