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MBSR, Mindful Based Stress Reduction Program

I am a qualified instructor of MBSR. This program is recognized throughout the world as the gold standard for modern mindfulness. This program was founded at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness more than 40 years ago by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Scientific studies have clinically proven the MBSR methodology and curriculum to have positive impacts on well-being in as little as 8-weeks. 

Join me in for a free orientation and find out if the program is the right fit for you now.


Ginny Wholley Qualified Professional Mindfulness Instructor

Ginny, is a highly experienced leader and coach. She is dedicated to employing mindfulness skills to empower individuals and groups to become their best selves. 


She brings together: the scientific evidence-based foundation of the MBSR program, decades of personal practice and teaching yoga and meditation, and twenty-five years of managing people and leading teams to success.

Ginny has a passion for sharing the practice of mindfulness and witnessing the transformative benefits materialize in people's lives.

What Participants are Saying...

"This is a must for anyone & everyone! These 8 weeks are life changing and positively transformative.  The ‘tools’ I’ve learned to practice will remain with me and be constantly beneficial to living a more present and fulfilled life!"


About the Program

This is an experiential learning course.  Practice in and out of the classroom is essential.  Breathing and a commitment to participation are the requirements for attendance. 


The program:

  • Instruction on formal and informal mindfulness practices

  • Guided Meditations

  • At home and in-class experiences directed at developing awareness

  • Dialogue and group discussions

  • Mindful movement: gentle yoga, stretching and walking.  All movement can be adapted for abilities at any level.

  • Home practice

Meetings:  Orientation (attendance required) -  Eight Classes | Full Day Retreat



2-hour introduction to the practice of mindfulness.  You will be introduced to the science-based development and history of MBSR and the resulting benefits. You will engage in brief formal practice.


Some MBSR benefits:


  • Sense of well-being

  • Focus and creativity

  • Immune system functioning

Lowered risk or severity of

  • Hypertension

  • Heart disease

  • Cancer

  • Addictive Behaviors

  • Obesity

  • Irritable bowel syndrome


This class is required to participate in the MBSR program being offered.  New Orientation classes beginning soon. 

Week to Week

Week 1

An overview of the course and review of the guidelines. Set learning objectives and expectations for your course experience.  You will become acquainted with mindful breathing and the body scan meditation.  You will experience moment-to-moment awareness, the foundation of mindfulness. 


Week 2

We will explore the role of perception in mindfulness. Your assumptions, automatic responses to stimulus, and the context of your world play a large part in how you see things.  You will practice mindful breathing, body scan and yoga to develop an awareness of how you react to stressful stimulus.  Developing awareness is the first step in changing how you respond to stress.

Week 3


“There is power and pleasure in being present.”[1] Discovering the pleasure of daily events through awareness is the theme for this week. Practice includes mindful yoga, walking, and sitting meditation. You will investigate the possibilities of bringing mindfulness deeper into daily life.


Week 4


In this session, you will learn about stress reactivity and develop your abilities to recognize your choices in how you respond.  Deepening your practice to change your automatic stress response and grow your scope of awareness.  You will learn about your patterns of response and the physiological and psychological nature of stress reactivity. 


Week 5


You have been performing formal and informal mindfulness practices for 5 weeks.  In this session, you will explore how these practices may be changing your patterns and choices. You will investigate where you are still repeating unhealthy patterns. You will practice applying mindfulness at the point of awareness of physical sensation, emotion, or thoughts with the intention of choosing how you respond with attentiveness to the health implication.    


Week 6


Mindfulness does not eliminate difficult situations, but; empowers you to be resilient in the moment. You will learn strategies to strengthen your inner resilience in the face of difficult personal communications. 


All Day Retreat


This all-day retreat is meant to deepen your accessibility to the benefits of your mindfulness practice.  This intensive retreat sets your practice firmly to have it readily available to you throughout your life’s experiences.  You will be introduced to new formal and informal practices.


Week 7


You will explore ways of integrating mindfulness into your life. Learning how to maintain a consistent yet flexible practice to suit the dynamic nature of your life.  You will construct your own practice choosing from the formal and informal practices you have learned.


Week 8


The last session of the program is the beginning of your life practice. You will have a review of the objectives and everything you have learned throughout the course.  You will learn about resources available for you to continue your practice and evolve in your mindful experience.


Program Outline Adapted from The Center for Mindfulness - University of Massachusetts.   MBSR, 8 week Curriculum.



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