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The Center for Resilient Living 

Mindfulness Based Programs to Rebound from Life's Stress


Ginny Wholley

is a Mindful Based Stress Reduction teacher, Certified by Brown University and Qualified by the Center for Mindfulness at the

University of Massachusetts Medical School.


An experienced mindful business leader with 20 years in senior management positions.


The question isn’t if we will face stress,

but how we relate to it when it happens.

Our response defines our health and happiness.

There is a treasure chest of medical science supporting the health benefits of mindfulness.

At The Center for Resilient Living, we share with you our research and training in these skills. Using a proven methodology in our workshops and programs, we help you cultivate mindful living and stress-resilience.  

We work with groups at their location and we offer classes in local venues.


The Center for Resilient Living 

  • Mindful Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

  • Mindfully Changing Your Relationship to Eating

  • Meditation Practices 

  • Mindful Workplace Programs 

  • Custom Mindfulness Presentations and Seminars

  • Mindfulness Coaching 

Join us at a local class or email us to bring resilient living to your community!


Mindful Based Stress Reduction, MBSR
Morning and Evening Programs Available 
NASW Approved for 28 CE credits, NE Social Workers

MBSR, is an 8-week experiential learning experience that promotes physical and mental health, happiness and general well-being. This program is for people who wish to develop their innate ability to live more fully and with a deeper sense of ease in a stress-filled world. 

The skills learned in this program can assist people to develop present moment awareness that supports living with more stress-resilience.  These skills foster greater self-regulation, less emotional reactivity, and cultivate acceptance of present moment circumstances.

The benefits of practicing mindfulness are extensive and accessible to everyone.  The latest research puts the practice of mindfulness at the top of the list for health-promoting lifestyles; along with sleep, good nutrition, and exercise.  


The benefits may include: easing depression and anxiety, managing weight, preventing hypertension and heart disease, living better with chronic pain, and so much more.


Adopting mindfulness, like any other healthy lifestyle takes a commitment to learning and practicing.  With a strong foundation, you can integrate mindfulness into your daily life.  


Learn to live the best you can with what is, now.

In the MBSR course you will receive:

  • Instruction on formal and informal mindfulness practices

  • Guided Meditations

  • Home and class experiences directed at developing awareness, understanding how our past forms our perception, and more. 

  • Dialogue and group discussions

  • Mindful movement*: gentle yoga and walking

*All movement can be adapted for abilities at any level.


MBSR 8-Week in Providence, RI (area)

28 CEs available for Social Workers

In-Person: This will be scheduled as soon as the Pandemic allows



MBSR 8-Week at Umass Memorial Health Care* 


*CEs are not available for the Umass Memorial Health Care courses                 

Community Classes

Mindful Movement & Meditation ONLINE due to Corona prevention.

Mondays 5-6:15 PM 

 *ONLINE Meditation Umass Memorial, Thursdays 12:10-12:50 PM

*Registration for Zoom App Necessary 

 Mindfulness Courses & Events

Bring Resilient Living to your workplace or community and watch them thrive! 

Ginny has 25 years experience in organizational leadership.

Connect with us to find out more.  



Kind Words

"This is a must for anyone & everyone! These 8 weeks are life changing and positively transformative.  The ‘tools’ I’ve learned to practice will remain with me and be constantly beneficial to living a more present and fulfilled life!"


"…Ginny goes way beyond simply teaching; she lives it with her ability to respond to each class member with encouragement and individual attention…  It is rare to find such a superb teacher who is so positive and upbeat each and every time I interact with her!"


MBSR classes begin January 2021, at UMass.  Please check their website: 
Living MBSR for graduates of MBSR to be announced. 
Mindfully Changing your Relationship with Eating. Dates to be announced. 
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